Competition Rules

By registering on our Europamundo Photos tool, you will have your own virtual photo album and you be will automatically participate in our draws and contests!


Each season we will launch our PHOTOS CATALOG call. With this initiative we invite our travelers to share with us the photos of their trip with Europamundo. Our design team will choose the ones that – according to criteria – consider the best photographs in technical, aesthetic issues and – above all that picture best reflect the Europamundo spirit. These photographs will be published in the Europamundo catalog of the season. Go ahead and share your photos with us!


1.- To participate it is essential that at the time of registering with Europamundo Photos, you have check the box I ACCEPT THAT MY PHOTOGRAPHS ARE PUBLISHED. Don’t worry, the image rights remain yours, and you can of course continue using the photos you send on any other platform.

2.- All persons over 18 years of age who have registered at Europamundo Photos and have at least 15 photographs of their trip with Europamundo on their profile will automatically participate in this contest. Defocused, with overlay text, cell phone / mobile screens shots and poor quality night photos photographs will be out of competition. These types of photographs will be deleted.

3.- Each one of the photographs that you publish in your album must be perfectly identified, with the name of the place/city where the photograph was taken.

4.- The most important thing: In at least one of the photographs you must appear!


5.- If finally any of your photos is published in any of our catalogs (Latin America, Brazil, Online, Global Market, Japan), write to indicating the page in which your photograph was published and the new one circuit you want to make and we will authorize you a 5% discount on your next trip with Europamundo, cumulative discount with other discounts specified in the catalog. Take note, that it must be you who must communicate with us about your photograph being published.

6.- The tours chosen to enjoy this discount should not exceed 10 days, nor it should belong to the tourist series and must be made during the season in which your photograph is published. That means the deadline for enjoy this discount is March 31 of the following year in which your photograph was published.


If any of your photographs appear published in any of our advertising media (Brochures, Europamundo Catalog, videos and press) We will automatically grant you a 5% discount that can be combined with other discounts on your next trip with Europamundo.

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